UK Activewear Sportswear Online

UK Activewear is the newest of four sites from the Webshop Direct Group, and the sister company to UK Tights, UK Swimwear and UK Lingerie. As the names suggest, these retailers specialise is leg wear, swimwear and underwear respectively. Each one specialises in its own field and hopes to bring the best of each industry and category to the customers who love these items, but now we are embarking on a new venture entirely, UK Activewear.

Like our other sites, we started UK Activewear for one purpose, to fill a gap we see in the market today. We see to many sites out there that are not doing activewear justice. Either you have to buy the items separately from each brand's own website, or you have so little choice from stores that supply a multitude of different brands and categories. In the former case, brands often use their websites as presentation pieces, with rich visuals and promotional films. This is the great for showing what the items can do, but not so great for browsing. In the former case, big retailers often put sportswear at the back of their minds and go for fashion and items that move quickly with a bigger margin. This is not the case with us, and we want to make a range of different choices available, whilst making it easy for you to shop for the activewear you want, and to offer you the best customer service possible too. We launched our first site, UK Tights, in 2005 and we soon figured out that it was great customer service that made people happy to use us.

If the information on an item's materials wasn't there and someone asked for it, we would contact the manufacturer to get that info for our customers. If a size or colour wasn't listed, we would order them in specially for anyone who wanted them. We want to do the same with activewear and sportswear too. There are three different steps to great customer service when shopping online, and we are applying them to our sportswear range. Here is an example. Shopping for running shoes or other footwear online can be hard, especially since shoe sizes are often not well represented or how they fit isn't clear. We want to change that and offer you the information you need up front so shopping is easy and fun. This is the first kind of customer service we offer, simply giving you the experience you want when shopping.

The second is when you place the order, as many stores will take a day to even receive the order on their system and it won't ship for another, but we at Webshop Direct believe that speedy delivery is everything. That's why we ship your order the same day if it is purchased before 5pm and we have it in stock. This customer care is something that UK Activewear prides itself on. And the third step is after care, where we keep you informed of everything every step of the way, for example, we let you know what is happening to your parcel in real time and we give you all the information you need on our website if you have any issues, as well as making ourselves accessible by phone and email if you really do need our help. This is something we take particular care in trying to do well, as much of the customer care of other big retailers is based on robots or unhelpful articles on how to work through a labrynthine website. At UK Activewear, we help you every step of the way and we think we do a pretty good job of it, at that! But what about the items themselves? Well, we are a new company, but we are adding items to our listings all the time, making items available as quickly as possible. So if you want the best range of sportswear and the best quality activewear on teh web, and you want it with amazing service and quick delivery, then UK Activewear is for you!